Attention:  Women who STILL haven’t found their lifetime partner - you are going to love this. 
How to Easily Attract Your Soulmate in Less Than 40 Days With This Relaxing, Once a Day “While You Sleep” Technology
Leading Women’s Romance Expert Reveals a Little Known Meditation Technology That Has Helped 2,730+ Women Across the Globe Attract Their Soulmate...

From: Luba Evans, World’s Leading Women’s Romance Expert

Dear Woman,
Let me ask you a question and if your answer is “Yes!” I highly suggest you keep reading, because what I’m about to share with you will change your life…

Are you frustrated, feeling sick and tired of attracting, meeting, and falling in love with the wrong men?

Men who are 

~ emotionally unavailable
~ do not want to commit
~ who lie and cheat and just want to use you
~ or just men who are totally unattractive...

Are you losing hope?

And do you want to call in your true soulmate - quality man who
 completes you, sharing undeniable 
chemistry, heart and soul connection?

Was that a yes? 
I know, I know. You’ve tried everything already. Yes, EVERYTHING…
  • Courses, podcasts, blogs and other instruction 
  • ​Restricting your diet just to look young and lose weight 
  • ​Going on dating sites hoping that the right man would be there
  • ​And even applying the law of attraction to find your soulmate! 
The worst part? Nothing worked, and you’re so frustrated that your one tiny step away from giving up.

Hi! My name is I’m Luba Evans and I’m one of the the world’s leading women’s romance experts.
I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you attract a man that will
change their life forever - their soulmate!

(This is me and Suzanne Somers presenting at Harvard University)
Yes, I’ve helped 2,730+ women across the globe attract their soulmate...

… even if they’ve been waiting and waiting for years or even decades

… even if they feel invisible, unwanted, and hopeless

… and even if they’ve had several unsuccessful “soulmate” relationships in the past

And I’d love to help you finally attract your soulmate in just 40 days by simply listening to special recording every night as you go to bed… and it works even if you fall asleep...

I know that sounds crazy. I know that sounds impossible.

But I will prove to you this works if you stick with me and keep reading.

In fact, when I first released this technique I really thought that no one would ever believe me, because it is too good for be true...but now it has changed the lives of more than 2,730 women around the world.

But first of all...
“Are soulmates even real?”
Has it ever happened to you that you felt that you have known this person your whole life?

Soulmates are people who share one spirit and complete each other, naturally deeply connecting on physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Soulmate is someone who you share a mutual, unconditional love with so powerful that both of you accept each other’s flaws… 

Your soulmate is both your friend and lover that you feel at home with. And you can communicate with him without words, with the heart alone!

But not everyone attracts their soulmate. Everyone has one, but not everyone succeeds in attracting him. 


I want you to realize this Universal Truth that 
Has Changed the Lives of 2,730+ Women...
(I repeat this to every woman I speak with and it proves itself every time:)

Your soulmate is still there, waiting for you… whether he knows it or not!

There is nothing wrong with you,

And it is not your fault that you have not found him yet!

There’s just something you are NOT doing!
And after I guided my students toward the right path, and after I showed them what they must do to finally find their soulmate… 

97% of them attracted epic love after doing what I told them 

It’s shocking, yes. But it’s completely true!

A Few Years Ago, I Was Just Like You...
I was driving home from my friend’s engagement party and my friend, Johanna, was in the car with me...

There’s something about seeing people find the love of their life, even those who I know are less attractive, less successful, and less fit than me.

And sure enough, I am driving, and there is a pit in my stomach, thinking “Something must be wrong with me”...

Maybe it was the stress of having to manage my career and find love at the same time or maybe it was the fact that everyone around me seemed to be finding the love of their lives except me…

I was tired of being lonely. And I was tired of being in wrong relationships that went nowhere…
I wanted to wake up in the arms of the man I loved and who really loved me…

And to totally abandon myself into the fulfilling, loving relationship I’ve always yearned for!
And driving alone, home, in the dark, with heavy rain…..

A wave of despair came over me, tears started to pour…
Ugh...I was lucky to see the rest area…
I Violently Slammed the Brakes...
I pressed my forehead against the steering wheel and began to sob desperately…
All of a sudden I fully realized just how alone I really felt.

All those years of searching in vain for my soulmate

Of hoping against no matter the odds that I would find him…

Of thinking I had found him, only to be left broken, hurting and empty…
And to make things worse, a day before I found out my ex was engaged to a woman 15 years 
younger and soon to be married…

The man who I still cared greatly for and to be completely honest, I always secretly hoped that 
we would get back together …

All of it came tumbling out of me in a hail of raging tears.

And then… I heard this wheezing sound, it was coming out of my throat

I started breathing as if underwater… as if I am having an asthma attack...

That was my moment… I’ve had enough! I am not getting asthma over this!

In that moment I thought: “I have attracted everything I ever wanted in my life…”

I had moved to my dream country and started a life there…

I found a way to get a graduate degree without having money...

Founded a business doing what I love…

Created and nurtured a beautiful community of friends…

And I said to myself...

“I know how to make things happen, but why can’t I attract my soulmate?”

I was determined to find a way…

I tried applying the law of attraction, and still. I did not attract my soulmate!

I tried everything else—losing weight, trying to look more beautiful, and much, much more.

Nothing seemed to work! And I finally, I decided to try something different.
I Interviewed Over 180 Women (Both Young and Mature) Who Have Successfully Found Their Soulmate…
And what I found absolutely shocked me!
You wouldn’t believe some of these stories that they shared with me…

There was one woman who asked God for her soulmate in the middle of a hurricane… And she found him within a month at a gas station!

Another woman visualized her soulmate every night for 3 years ran into him one morning while getting coffee!

Another woman set up an altar in her home, and did things like set an extra table setting, slept on one half of her bed, and just generally created space for him… And one day met her soulmate while jogging!

I knew I was onto something, but I just didn’t know what it was!

All I knew for sure was that not one of these women was particularly gorgeous…

In fact, most were average at best and most of them were over 40 when their story takes place!
The One Thing That All of These Women Had in Common…
They Called In Their Soulmate With Their Heart 

The missing piece was with an 89-year-old woman named Natalia,

and I met her at a meditation training in India...

You see, Natalia was incredibly wise. And was able to make sense of these crazy stories of all these women I spoke with.
That is Exactly How She Called In Her Husband
(The kind of husband who did not wake her up where their rental property
was on fire, caring for her beauty sleep - an amazing husband)
So, she explained to me that by doing one special meditation she was able to
 activate her Mirror Neurons and call him in with her heart.

I learned this meditation directly from Natalia, and that is how I was able to help 2,730+ women attract their soulmate. And she called it...
The Soulmate Magnet Meditation
The Soulmate Magnet meditation shifts you into the 528 Hz Open Heart Love Frequency and 
taps into Mirror Neurons which are responsible for empathy and thought projection.

This frequency has been used for centuries as a means to call out to someone’s soulmate. Tuning into this frequency will draw him closer and closer to you until you finally meet him—and, yes, he WILL be so into you that you will be his ONLY focus.

I’ve seen this happen to 2,730+ women and when you use The Soulmate Magnet Meditation...

It is bound to happen to YOU too!
The Soulmate Magnet Meditation helps you: 
  • Clear past disappointments that are stopping you from activating your 528 Hz Open Heart Love Frequency
  • ​Open your heart to giving and receiving love in balance so you can easily attract your real soulmate - somebody who is ready for equal exchange of love, and who will be an excellent life partner for you
  • ​Turn your heart into a powerful soulmate magnet that will help you attract him even if he is far away
  • Helps your heart recognize the one who is destined for you with 100% confidence!
By accessing and activating 528 Hz Open Heart Love Frequency, you too can attract your soulmate quickly (in less than 40 days) and effortlessly just like 2,730+ women (and counting) who have tried The Soulmate Magnet Meditation! 

How Mirror Neurons Work as Explained by the Scientists That Have Discovered Them in the Early 1990s
“For years, such experiences have puzzled psychologists, neuroscientists and philosophers, who've wondered why we can manifest things into existence by the power of intent - even at a distance.” 

Mirror neurons were first discovered in the early 1990s by a team of Italian researchers at the University of Parma headed by Neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti, MD. These neurons are a type of brain cell that responds equally when we perform an action and when we witness someone else perform the same action. And the best thing is that it works even long distance!

In fact, psychologist V.S. Ramachandran, PhD, has called the discovery of mirror neurons one of the "single most important unpublicized stories of the decade."

It’s proven that we can attract our soulmate, whose soul is vibrating on the same frequency as ours by this special meditation technique that uses the 528 Hz Open Heart Love Frequency and activates our Mirror Neurons to synchronize with our soulmate’s heart remotely so that we could powerfully call him in.

You can achieve this using The Soulmate Magnet Method.

Tried and tested with 2,730+ women… And YOU are next! 

Yes, Women Across the Globe (Including YOU!) Can Activate Their Mirror Neurons and Use the 528 Hz Open Heart Love Frequency to ATTRACT Their Soulmate…

You have the capacity to charge your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ and our ancestors have been known to use this to call in their soulmate with their heart on regular basis. 

In the modern world that we live in today, we are clogged by pollution, noise and technology, and need a special UNCLOGGING to be able to do what our ancestors could do naturally - call in our soulmate with our hearts.

The Soulmate Magnet Meditation unclogs your Soulmate Magnet, clears your heart and awakens your Mirror Neurons and the Mirror Neurons of your Soulmate!
With the Soulmate Meditation that you receive, you will
charge the ‘Soulmate Magnet’ 
within you
and finally call in your Soulmate into your life:

… a man that’s attracted to you, and only you

… a man that would do anything to be in a happy, committed relationship with you 

… a man that will make you feel complete 

… a man you will spend your life with

If you are waiting for a sign from God that your soulmate is near, this is it! There’s a certain reason why you’re on this page (and why you’re still reading)... If this technique has worked with 2,730+ it will NO DOUBT work for you too!

Here’s How Your Life Will Change in 40 Days (or Less)...

Women who use this technique usually go through these 4 stages.

Simply listen to The Soulmate Magnet Meditation Audio before you sleep… and it will start working while you sleep.

On the first week, you’ll start experiencing the following:

Any past disappointments with other men will suddenly feel lighter You’ll start having more relaxed sleep with more positive dreams Every morning, you’ll start feeling more energy and positivity

On the second week:

You’ll finally clear any past disappointments and your heart will feel lighter You’ll start feeling your heart open and your mind clearer without the mental fog People will start noticing that you seem more radiant and that you’re smiling more often

On the third week:

You’ll start feeling that you’re ready to give and receive unconditional love You’ll start looking and feeling a beautiful glow within you that makes you look blooming on the outside Men, even those you haven’t spoken with for years, will start talking to you out of the blue

On the fourth or fifth week:

You’ll feel a restoration of your wholeness and an awakening of the memory of your higher self You’ll be emitting a powerful radiance that attracts your soulmate even without makeup and without going to the gym You’ll finally feel who your soulmate is and where has he been all your life You’ll start connecting with your soulmate in deep and profound ways that you always wanted...

I’ve seen this process over and over again thousands of times! And this is EXACTLY what will happen when you start doing The Soulmate Magnet Meditation...

These Women Took a Leap of Faith and Activated Their ‘Soulmate Magnet’ With the 45-Minute Meditation Technique I’m About to Show You

"All Of A Sudden He Made A Move"

It was always easy for me to find a guy, in fact I was a serial monogamist: the moment one relationship would end the other one would start. After my last breakup I was so heart broken that I stopped believing in soulmates. And still decided to try the meditation, just in case. So....Listen to what happened - the guy that I have known already for a couple of years - all of a sudden made a move. I have been attracted to him before but did not even dare to think that he would go for me. Anyway - best match ever -- who knew? My soulmate was beside me the whole time. Thanks to the meditation that I was listening to -- I got him! 

~ Samantha Smith

"It Was A Love At First Sight - Jaw Dropping"

I was suspicious at first, that it is some new agey bs or another “get him to like you” program, but boy, was I wrong. This little meditation is like a Turbo-Charged engine with real magic inside. I started listening, and on day 7 - seriously, I am super fast in everything, but sure enough - I met him. And he was nothing what I expected. But it was a love at first sight, jaw-dropping. Basically, I looked into his eyes, and came home. Cannot thank you enough. Awesome!  

~ Jennifer Groff

"As If We Were Never Apart... And He Moved In.."

I was on day 7. The wound in my heart was slowing healing. And one day - I remember that moment very distinctly I felt this tiny impulse of hope that woke up somewhere deep inside me. I knew that he is coming. I felt him. And then I started feeling that my life is changing. I started making new choices, choosing new streets, eating new food, wearing new colors. One day I took my dog for a walk in a new park, and here he was sitting there on a mountain, while his dog was playing with other dogs. I sat down next to him, and we just started talking. You know, as if we have been talking for years. As If we were talking a day ago. As if we were never apart. And we kept talking…. And he moved in in a month. What can I say? It is magic. Try it for yourself. 

~ Alexandra Simonov

"And Then He Said He Loves Me"

I have been seeing a guy for several month and all of a sudden he started pulling away. I was very hurt because the change was so drastic, so after not hearing from him for a week I wanted to break off the relationship. And then I thought - OK, if he is my soulmate, I should fight for him, and if he is not - let him go! I listened to the meditation like a good girl every night - and here is what started happening - my guy started calling me, and asking me out, as if he cannot get enough of me. Then he started getting those puppy-eyes, you know. And then he said that He Loves Me. For real. This feels so good. 

~ Anna K.

"He Really Was The Love Of My Life"

I was stuck in a relationship that was going nowhere. Sometimes the feeling of doom would just come over - the kind of feeling that your life is over, or meaningless, or just plain depressing. I knew that the guy that I was with was not “My Guy”. But I was so afraid to be alone that I did not have guts to dump him. Still I was longing for somebody who would totally ‘get me’, and ‘see me’ on every level. So, I decided to give this Meditation a try - after all, what did I have to lose? Forty days passed and sure enough -- my first boyfriend from way back when calls me, and says he is in town, and would love to catch up. Oh my god - he really was the love of my life. We went out, and got back together - it was the most natural thing to do, it just felt so right. Attract Soulmate is incredible. Thank you! 

~Lindsay Brent
These incredible women are no different than you… They just took action on something that has been pulling on their heart for far too long.
Most Modern-Day Love Advice 
Is Flat - Out WRONG!
Natalia showed me exactly how to tap into those deeper layers of our brain, as she saw how I amazed and shocked I was…

I feel that she read my mind and heard that I was thinking to myself...

“Why do most women not know they possess this power?!”

She said

“This ancient method of tapping into deeper layers of consciousness that our ancestors have been using for centuries has been lost...

Why? Because most of us are now living in so much stress and anxiety, that we lost our ability to change the length of our brainwaves and tap into our Mirror Neuron’s frequency.


But was passed on in secret from wise women over the years—from my great great grandmother and now I pass it on to you.”

See, Natalia understood something most women never will…

She understood that you must…
Take a Leap of Faith to Attract Your Soulmate!
Natalia was quite old (would’ve been 89 years old this March) and she knew she didn’t have much time left on this earth…

But she railed against all the advice out there that sent men running in the wrong direction!

So she urged me to write down her exact technique and just try it.

“Just see if it works,” She told me “with no strings attached.”

I figured I had nothing to lose. So I gave it a try…

And what happened next was nothing short of a miracle.

I was in a crowded grocery store 9 or 10 days after trying out Natalia’s technique daily…

When a tall, brown-haired gorgeous man with a thick Boston accent walked up to me and said:

“Good Evening.” - and he smiled.

“Excuse me miss, you dropped your glove”

That was when our eyes met...

And from that moment we couldn’t take our eyes off each other.

We started talking and ended up at the most adorable little Italian restaurant a few short hours

And then back at my place for a nightcap…

He was the man that would someday soon give me the happiest years of my life…
And still to this day showers me with his loving affection, devotion, care and unwavering attention! 
(That's us below)
Sadly, Natalia passed away at 91… and I’m doing exactly what she wanted.

You see, a year before Natalia passed away, she begged me to incorporate her ‘Soulmate 
Magnet’ activation into my teaching retreats and to help women just like you, to attract the soulmate they’ve waited forever to show up into their lives!
Natailia wanted me to share her secret meditation
with women who are having a hard time 
attracting their soulmate
I had already worked as a coach for over 12 years, and I knew exactly how to make this meditation work for women from all walks of life in order to attract their soulmate.

And so I am now doing what Natalis wished - making The ‘Soulmate Magnet’ activation available to hundreds of women. Usually Soulmate Magnet activation requires a huge amount of transformational and personal work…

Not to mention time, money and effort…that you would spend on in-person retreats (we are talking thousands of dollars, and possibly years of transformational practice)

But I was able to put in all of that Into a simple, soothing, and pleasurable 45-minute meditation that works even when you sleep.
Let Natalia’s ‘Soulmate Magnet’ Meditation 
Change Your Love Life Too!
This meditation is recorded in high-definition, with incredibly beautiful music and special ‘mirror polarity’ technology that activates the Mirror Neurons in the subconscious mind, which are responsible for the ‘Soulmate Magnet’ Activation.
This meditation is sent directly and discreetly to your computer, tablet or cellphone right away...
So here’s the program that has changed the lives of 2,730+ women around the world...
The “Attract Your Soulmate” System That Will Help You Find Your Soulmate in Less Than 40 Days
Simply Listen to the Audio Before You Sleep and 
Here’s What You’ll Experience in the Next 40 Days as it Works WHILE You Sleep...
  •  Activation of Soulmate Magnet and ability to Call In Your Soulmate with your heart, making him show up in the most unexpected place and time...
  •  Feeling loved, cared for and respected exactly the way you are…
  • A complete stop in negative self-talk and repair your composure and self-love in mere days… Even if you’ve spent your entire life beating yourself down!
  •  The power to recognize your soulmate the moment he appears!
  •  An awakening of your instinct to instantly repulse cheaters and players, so you can spend time with the man that counts… Your soulmate!
  •  A feeling of radiant attractiveness to your soulmate without wearing a foot of makeup, or killing yourself in the gym… 
  • Your numbness dissolves as you unlock a profound sense of relaxation, so you can heal your wounds and begin to feel comfortable in your own skin. 
  •  The special technique that cuts the cords still tying you to previous lovers… So you can finally make room for your Soulmate
  •  The ability to share your deepest, most beautiful self with the right man in a way he’s never experienced before… 
  •  Awakening of the memory of your higher self... so you can greet him like an old flame wherever you meet him… Even if it’s at a crowded coffee shop! 
  •  The restoration of your wholeness… So you can be fully available to receive your soulmate’s love with your soul vibrant, radiant, wild and present!
  •  And so much more! 
Listen, you could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on makeup, haircuts, and exhaust yourself on fad diets and yoga…
And only to miss the chance to actually meet your soulmate...

… just because your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ is not yet activated!

Or worse, to have sleazy men all over you at ‘singles events’...

Or pray that your currently emotionally unavailable man magically ‘turns around’...

And spend HOURS asking all of your friends how they found their soulmate…

And still leave it all up to chance…
This amazingly potent, relaxing and powerful meditation does all the heavy lifting for you… No fluff, no B.S., this is the real deal!
Just the guided, step by step method to activate your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ that will help you find your soulmate in less than 40 days…

Sounds impossible? 
Here’s a fact: There’s a 90% chance that your soulmate can already feel 
that you are about to call him in. 
And since your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ isn’t activated, it is not going to be possible for you to meet.
This technique is so powerful that I will not allow everyone to use it… 
Here’s Why I MIGHT NOT Allow You to Activate Your ‘Soulmate Magnet’
Listen, the ‘Soulmate Magnet’ is so powerful that it can cause a lot of problems in someone else’s life if you are not READY for it…

It’s so powerful that you will actually meet your Soulmate but if you are not ready for him, it will break his heart. 

You won’t want that. Trust me.

So if you’re hoping to activate your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ but you are not ready for your final Soulmate Relationship.

Please don’t use this technique. This is NOT for you!
And since your ‘This program costs $97, but you can get it for…
Only $47
Why only $47?
I know you’re thinking “Okay… what’s the catch?”

And that’s a great question!

I decided to give you a HUGE discount because:

$47 puts this amazing meditation within reach of the vast majority of people…

And my goal is to facilitate soulful unions for as many people as possible

What would you give to finally find your soulmate?

So if you’re serious about finding your soulmate in 2017, Then you need to click the ‘buy now’ 
button and get started asap!
Get Access For Just $47
This meditation has worked for over 2,700 women on 4 different continents already…And I want
the results these women are getting for you as well…

Which is why I decided to remove any risk on your end…

By throwing in my ‘You’ll ADORE It’ guarantee.

If, after using it for 40 days, you don’t feel you didn’t feel any change at all…

Then just send me an email and I’ll gladly refund you the whole $47!

I’ve taken all the risk off the table, so that all you have to do is lie down, relax into a deep trance, and let me reveal your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ so you can meet your
soulmate in just a few short weeks!

How’s that for amazing?
Let Me Make This the Easiest Decision You’ve Ever Made...
I know, I know. If I were you, I’d still be wondering if it’s worth. I might even do this for days, weeks, until I forget and miss out on the only chance I had to attract my soulmate…
So I’m throwing in 3 valuable bonuses if you buy today!
Bonus #1: 
Your Fresh Start: A Meditation in High Demand 
($97 Value)
This program goes for $97 and usually sells out within an hour at my world-famous retreats…

But is yours for good when you hit the buy now button NOW!

Now it’s one thing to meet your soulmate, but how do you make sure that you will not repeat the same mistakes that you did in previous relationships?

My "Your Fresh Start" PDF will help you keep the relationship you want.

So that means you FINALLY end the cycle—finding someone good then breaking up and repeat—you’ve been in for years!
Bonus #2: 
Ageless: Cellular Rejuvenation Hypnotic Facial 
($77 Value)
Now, this is one of my favorite programs ever! 

This will help you have glowing, youthful skin again. All you have to do is use the program daily and it will help your skin to rejuvenate while you sleep and this works on the cellular level, which makes you magnetic to practically any man in the world. 

This is so important, when you meet your Soulmate because you want to appear Ageless to him!
Bonus #3: 
Weightloss: Lose Weight From Hypnosis While You Sleep ($67 Value)
Finally, just because I want to make sure you not only feel beautiful and loved but also feel healthy, alive…

… and be able to fit in that gorgeous red dress you just saw at your favorite store…

I’m sharing with you this amazing program that has helped my students lose up to 5 pounds a WEEK.

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting Inside
Attract Your Soulmate
  • The “Attract Your Soulmate” System That Will Help You Find Your Soulmate in Less Than 40 Days ($97 Value) 
  • Bonus #1: Your Fresh Start: A Meditation in High Demand ($97 Value) 
  •  Bonus #2: Ageless: Cellular Rejuvenation Hypnotic Facial ($77 Value)
  •  Bonus #3: Weightloss: Lose Weight From Hypnosis While You Sleep ($67 Value)
Total Value: $338
Yours for only $47 today! (Save $291!)
Bonuses are only available up to the next 48 hours…
Just imagine your future together...
Hearing your soulmate bragging to his friends and family about a wonderful woman he’s lucky to build a life with…

Not only should you not leave something as important as finding your soulmate and experiencing true love up to the whims of lady luck…

Which hasn’t worked for you thus far, no matter how hard you’ve tried or how badly you’ve wanted it to…

But since I’m over-stocking your ‘love arsenal’ so you are completely ready to meet and attract your true love…
  • Having him bend over backwards to make you happy…
  • Knowing full well he would rather die than let you go…
  •  And having that tingling feeling in your heart that this is exactly how it was meant to be!
Accessing this ‘Soulmate Matrix’ is the only thing standing between you and attracting your soulmate.

You already know that the reason that you found this meditation is a sign that your soulmate is ready for you.
Activate your ‘Soulmate Magnet’ NOW
Yours for only $47 today! (Save $291!)
Bonuses are only available up to the next 48 hours…
I can’t wait for you to experience the true partnership that you want and deserve!
No matter how old you are, how thin you are and where you live—this meditation works for everyone!

Give this the Universe a chance to bring you the love that you deserve.
Love & Light,

Luba Evans
World’s Leading Women’s Romance Expert
I can’t wait for you to experience the true partnership that you want and deserve!
No matter how young you are, how thin you are and where you live
- this meditation works for everyone!
Give this the Universe a chance to bring you this magic.
Love & Light, Luba
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