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The Magnetic Woman(TM)* Sisterhood

Discover How to Stop Struggling For Everything in Life
and Magnetically Attract The Love and Success You Want

Imagine, in the very near future: You walk into a crowded room and notice that men just cannot resist approaching you, smiling at you, wanting to give you a hug, inviting you places and even giving you gifts.

Imagine that men are drawn to your magnetic field like bees to an exotic sweet flower, and you are naturally attracting the love, friendship and business connections that you want.

And it makes you feel just … fabulous.

That’s exactly what you can experience every day for the rest of your life! As a woman, you have an enormous natural reservoir of sexual and spiritual magnetism. This reservoir is like a fountain of your own personal wild and wise feminine magic that is boiling deep down inside of you, yearning to be released and used for a good purpose!

My Dear Woman, let me ask you something...

  • Do you currently feel like no matter what you do, what you most want in life is always just out of reach? 
  • Are you flooded with fears that you're not beautiful enough, not smart enough, not young enough, or just not good enough, to attract the admiration and respect you secretly want? 
  • Are you feeling burnt-out in a meaningless career that leaves you with no energy at the end of the day to truly enjoy life? 
  • Would you like to bring more intimacy, enjoyment, and pleasure into your life? 
  • Would you like to attract inspiring relationships and opportunities with ease and grace? If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are in the right place!

I've discovered a simple, powerful, and proven method for invoking Feminine Magnetism - which makes it possible for a woman to naturally attract what she wants in life using the wise and wild feminine magic that lies dormant in all women, just waiting to be unleashed. But first...your natural feminine magnetism switch must be turned on.

Well let me be the first to say that I’ve been there too.

How I Became a Magnetic Woman

Hello, my name is Luba Evans-Zion. In my early years I felt that I was not beautiful enough and that I needed to work hard to make people, and especially men, like me. I started my career at 19, as a single mom working for minimum wage at Dunkin’ Donuts, and in ten years I was managing my own company in Manhattan.

I was constantly stressed, running between chores and work-related tasks. My to-do lists were from here to the next century. I talked a mile a minute and stopped seeing dreams. I forgot how to relax and enjoy things. The only thing that I could rely on, which consistently brought me easy pleasure, was food. I was gaining weight and losing my sexual drive at the same time.

Beaming with my masculine power, I chose men who were infantile and needed saving. I finally hit rock bottom when my boyfriend stole money from me, cheated on me and was still keeping me under some sort of hypnosis, so I couldn't leave. I was on the verge of losing my mind. I finally realized that it was time to completely reinvent myself. Deep down I knew that if I kept going at this pace, I would never be happy.

My soul was hearing a distant call of the divine feminine that took me on a journey all over the world, where I encountered incredible teachers who shared their secret teachings with me, so that I could spread them to others.  

I realized that I had shoved my inner woman into the depths of my overweight body, and completely disconnected from the source of my feminine power: my inner knowing, the silence of nature, wisdom of the ancestors, and my sexual energy.

I met older, wiser women who knew something that I had forgotten. They knew how to connect with nature, how to sing and dance, and how to present themselves to the world as graceful goddesses. They were MAGNETIC. All eyes were on them. People wanted to serve them, offer them gifts, support their cause. Being with them, I too remembered the wisdom of my ancient roots. Gradually, miracle after miracle, practice after practice brought me home to my wise and wild feminine magic.  

I became a woman who is in love with life, manifesting sexual realization and abundance. I learned how to make things happen with the use of my feminine charisma and magnetism rather than struggling in the world on men's terms. I learned that the sacred desire of my heart comes first.

Now that I live from the deepest source of my feminine power, I feel people being drawn to me when I walk into any room, or even walk down a street. They want to hug me, touch me, spend time with me.

They are inspired to contribute to my cause. I started out as a poor immigrant, but with the help of thousands of fans and supporters, I envisioned and manifested the Galiana Meditation Retreat Center and the International Anima Mundi Institute, where women from all over the world reconnect to their wise and wild feminine magic - the soul of the world.

For over a decade, I have been teaching this to thousands of women all over the planet, and I am passionate to pass this secret knowledge to you. I feel that every woman deserves to be in her full magnetic power.

If I could transition from a masculine, overweight, lonely woman to a Magnetic Woman who gracefully manifests the sacred desire of her heart, you can do it too. It is my mission, pleasure, and honor to be at your service.

Magnetic Woman Sisterhood

"Luba has cracked the code on what makes Magnetic Women  
women so powerful." ~ Alicia Keys

These are women you’d normally never have access to (because they aren’t looking for the spotlight, and they usually keep their secret power to themselves), but Luba has convinced them to get on camera and share what they know with you. 

You’d recognize them if you saw them. They are the type of women who can walk into any room and instantly all eyes fall on her - not because of physical beauty (most of them are “average looking”) - but because of their incredible magnetic radiance that comes from the inside.

People fall over themselves wanting to do favors for them, give them opportunities, and yes… of course many men desire to be in relationship with them. These women are never alone for long, and the high-quality men they attract always hold onto them. 

Magnetic Woman Sisterhood gives you access not only to these wonderful women, but also to Luba herself. She makes herself available to personally help you out and answer your most pressing questions and desires. Here’s what you get in Magnetic Woman Sisterhood:

  • A monthly video interview with a Magnetic Woman who is getting everything she wants in life and more. Luba breaks down exactly why the woman is getting such great results in love, life, and career, and helps you discover her secrets so you can do the same.
  • Luba’s latest discoveries about how to become the most magnetic, radiant version of yourself. Luba travels the world and meets women from many different cultures, and she is thrilled to share her worldly wisdom you in the Feminine Magnetism Activation video mini-series.
  • Monthly group live coaching calls. Each month Luba focuses on one main topic having to do with being a Magnetic Woman who attracts abundance in all areas of her life. She breaks it down for you and helps you install these skills so you can get amazing results in the areas of life that are important to you, especially relationships and career.
  • Full Moon Monthly Global On-Line Video Conferencing Event, where Luba gives a teaching on topics like Be Your Own Dream Girl, Overcoming Love Addiction, Your Fresh Start and many others. For this event we are using Zoom technology which allows all members of the community see each other on video. It really feels like a friendly family!
  • Access to Luba’s exclusive Magnetic Woman Sisterhood Facebook group. How would you like to be able to post a question or share your personal story, and have Luba herself (and dozens of other Magnetic Women) responding to you?

Magnetic Woman Sisterhood Facebook group is Luba’s favorite way to stay in touch with her students, as well as help her students connect with each other.

Finally, You Too Can Access A Community Filled With Spectacular, Smart and Supportive Women…  
And Become Your Best, Most Confident and
Empowered Feminine Self!
The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is the
perfect place for you when you:
  • Are feeling unloved, hopeless, or freaking out! The group is there for you.
  • Need to understand the warning signs and red flags in your relationship. This way you can avoid the major pitfalls and heartbreak
  • Are getting mixed signals and can’t decode his texts. You’ll know exactly how to reply (or if it would make things worse if you reply at all).
  • Need “after the date” troubleshooting and support.
  • Want to understand men and how they really work.
  • Want to know the 5 dating stages, understand the stage you are at, what to expect and how to handle the particular challenges of that stage
  • Need instant, “on the spot” relationship repair advice when you’re in the heat of an argument and don’t want to risk driving him even further away (or lose him altogether).
  • Need to be empowered so you can stop giving, giving, giving and finally start receiving.
  • Forget how to keep your boundaries strong when you have a moment of weakness.
  • Need to know if he is lying to you, cheating on you (we’ll show you how to become a human lie detector and be able to find out the truth without even having to ask).
  • Want to turn a “lukewarm” guy into an ardent admirer and need support with using Law Of Devotion’s “Don’t Sweat It” method
  • Need the supportive ear of the Sisterhood to express anything at all, to see and be seen, hear and be heard.
The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is a supportive sacred space where you 
can ask questions, offer your help to others, and is a safe place for you to talk about your problems free from judgement. As you can see there is a great deal of information, experience, and support in the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood
And Luba Is Letting You Try It All For Free!

Luba has decided to give you a 30-Day trial into the Law Of Devotion VIP Inner Circle and Magnetic Woman Sisterhood for free. That lets you check out everything and decide if it’s right for you. 

Luba is committed to making this group of Magnetic Women the most thriving, valuable online community you’ve ever seen. She’s constantly adding new resources to help you become the beautiful, radiant woman you were meant to be. The kind of woman who attracts (and keeps) the man she wants, and also attracts everything in life just as easily.

So go ahead and give it a try. You have nothing to lose. The free trial costs you nothing, and if you decide you don’t want to stay in the Law Of Devotion Inner Circle, just send an email to [email protected]  and let us know. You won’t be billed and we’ll still be friends. 

We look forward to seeing you in the members area.

Magnetic Woman Special Membership Deal: 
(Valued at $57/Month) for $27/Month, 30 Days Free Trial

  • Access to Private Magnetic Woman Sisterhood FB Group
  • Exclusive Interviews with Magnetic Women
  • 1 Live Group Coaching Call with Luba Evans
  • Feminine Magnetism Activation Mini-Series
  • Full Moon Global On-Line Video Gathering
  • $250 Savings On Yearly Magnetic Woman Retreat
A Quick Warning!

I have to warn you though, the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is not for everyone! There are some women it is wrong for and they will not be accepted into our Sacred space. So if you :

  • Like to live your life in drama
  • Like to share your drama with everyone around you
  • Want to blame others
  • Are happy being miserable
  • Bully other women so you feel better about yourself
  • Can't take well intentioned advice from others (when you ask for it)
  • Need to compete with other women and be the boss/ leader of the group

...then it would be better for you to close this page now. The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is not for you!Our community will be closely moderated to ensure the group works towards the betterment of each other.

Anyone who cannot adhere to this simple philosophy will have their membership cancelled.Now I have that out of the way... here's who the Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is right for If you:

  • Know you deserve more in life but are not sure how to get it
  • Want to have a great relationship with your man
  • Want to catch and keep a great man (rather than settling for whoever is “left over” in the dating pool)
  • Are ready to release yourself from the drama in your life
  • Are unhappy with your life but are ready to change it
  • Can take the well intentioned advice from others (especially when you ask for it)
  • Can be a meaningful and considerate member of a sacred sisterhood
… then the Magnetic Woman was made especially for you! We would be honoured for you to join our sacred space.
The Magnetic Woman Sisterhood Is Where It Is Finally Safe To Talk Woman To Woman!

From Michelle Geller,

It’s time to stop giving your power away, to stop living the way others want you to live… to stop letting someone else’s desires, ideas and feelings dictate how you feel about yourself and your life!

There is never really a time when you don’t make a decision. So if you decide not to join us today and go it alone, I wish you well. I truly hope it works out for you.  

However, if you decide to join us today, you get dedicated support from myself and other Sisters who are on the same path. You’ll never feel alone, confused or hopeless again!

I look forward to seeing you inside our Sisterhood and global community of awakened women. Make sure you say “Hi” and introduce yourself. I’ll be waiting for you.

Love and Blessings, Michelle Geller 

P.S. Please don’t miss this opportunity because I don’t know if or when Luba will ever do this again! We all think she’s crazy for giving you 2 weeks of of her best material for free… but because she lives her life in alignment with her mission, she is 100% happy with her decision! I cannot guarantee she’ll do it again though.  

P.P.S. Imagine where you’ll be in 3 months, 6 months or even a year from now if you don’t join in… Has anything changed? Are you finally living the life you have only dreamed about? Or are you still stuck in the never ending cycle of a failed relationships, broken hearts, and the regret that you should have done something sooner?  

P.P.P.S. It’s a known fact that women do better when we work together. It’s also well known that you become like the people you hang out with. It is rare to find a community of dynamic women who are all here to help each other live their best life possible. This is exactly what the Luba Evans VIP Inner Circle and Magnetic Woman Sisterhood is all about!  It’s time you finally found where you truly belong!

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